Thursday, February 25, 2010

Forever my Love for 21

Seriously I haven't been shopping, in what feels like decades, for weeks. Actually, I am thinking maybe its been even months since I haven't spent a dime on FASHION. Boo to me. What could be a logical, insane, understandable reason for not opening my pretty pocket? Well, Mr. G and I are trying to save our nickels an dimes for some home upgrades. So here I am pretending to be thrifty. Yesterday I cheated. Ha ha ha...not really though because I used a gift card. So there! I am still on my budget Mr. G. I headed straight for my fav store, Forever 21 of course. Yes, I love it. I know, I am an adult and should be shopping at these brand-name and high-designer boutiques. But I don't. I simply don't care for them. People say your only young once, right? Well I say your young as long as you feel young. Ya, I'm not 21 anymore but I feel, hopefully look and act like I'm in my early twenties. So forever is the place for me to shop. Their trends are bold. Fabric is cheap but hey so are the prices and that's what reels me in for the kill. Plus trends come and go and I am not about to drop a bill on a cardi- I'm no balla'. I just love dressing up in girly frills and downtown heels. Spring is my shopping season. Look what's in store...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

If you are what you say you are, a superstar...

then have no fear, the camera is here (Lupe Fiasco)

     I am currently enrolled in a photography class. Yup, and I am super excited. Not only because I love photography but I hope it will be another creative outlet for me. Can I just say I love this class because I am learning so much. For a novice, like myself, I think I'm learning a heck of a lot. This Tuesday, will only be my third class meeting and I already have completed two projects. Both of them were basically go out there, into the world, and shoot. Shoot anything and everything. Ya, it sounds easy but we had to incorporate design elements, perspective and we couldn't use flash. I mean come on, that is a little challenging especially since the instructor wanted 400 images for both assignments. However, I am proud to say I think (totally crossing my fingers right now) I aced my first assignment. Remember, I said, "I think." Well, the instructor did say, "You've taken a photography class before, right?" I told him no that this was my first time and he smiled and said great job. Again, I heart photography. So here is my photography journey. These are a few straight out of the camera shots that will be making it into my fabulous photo folder. Just kidding, I had to name my folder with my name...blah boring.

I've told Mr. G time and time again to moisturize, apply lip balm and sunscreen daily. Does his listen? Obviously not!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I'm Just A Girl

in the world (No Doubt)

Just like any other girl, I love celebrating my birthday. However, this birthday will be a different story. This will officially be the last year I can enjoy being "in my twenties" (tear). I have been debating whether or not to celebrate. What's a girl to do?  Then it hit me smack in the face. I would celebrate an unbirthday. A very merry unbirthday to me. This would be too cute. Okay, all of a sudden I got excited again about my birthday. What a fantabulous idea, especially since the movie, Alice in Wonderland, will be out this March. Now I'm on a mission to create the best unbirthday ever. Here are a few photo inspirations (thanks Nancy).

The outfit inspiration. I love Gwen!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Coco Baby

Our little girl is growing up. On Wednesday, February 10th, we wished Coco Baby a happy 2nd birthday. Of course she needed to be dressed for the occasion. Coco strutted her stuff in pink ruffles and a crown that any Miss Teen would adore. She feasted on homemade corn bread and extra doggie meat treats. Coco said she wanted to go to Vegas next year! What a party animal!:) I love our little family.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Now that its raining more than ever... can stand under my umbrella (Rihanna)

Whoa! This weekend I attended back-to-back baby showers while it was raining cats and dogs.  Crazy, hugh?! Ever since I found out about the first baby shower I started to feel all crafty. Not just paper crafty. No, I was thinking Martha Stewart meets Pottery Barn designers. I wanted to make a few items that could be personal to each mommy-to-be but at the same time unique to each individual. Then it hit me. My first project would be a pillow case cover that matched one of my friend's baby shower invite. It was perfect. After all, her baby's nursery is modern with a splash of mod accents, just like the invite. It turns out that her invite inspiration came from Tiny Prints Studio . So I used her elephant theme plus the brown, gray and green colors. Then, voila a personalized pillow for baby Jonah. The pillow case cover tutorial came from the nifty Sparkle Power . The second gift, for both mtb's are posh blue, brown and cream baby bibs. They were super easy to make thanks to a pattern from ChickPea Studio and fabric from Joanne's.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The City I live(d) in...

...the city of Angeles (Red Hot Chili Pepper)

     Fourth and LaVerne is where I used to reside. Yes, yesterday I drove back to my childhood neighborhood. Not to visit my Nana, because she still lives in East Los, but to hopefully help a friend relive his childhood memories. What a small world. Who would have thought that my co-worker turned fabulous girlfriend and her boyfriend would have grown up practically down the street from me. We attended different high schools but seriously walked around the same corners. This fab friend of mine thought of a unique and sentimental birthday gift for her boyfriend. So I helped with the snapshots that she will use to create a collection of framed photos, from his childhood stomping grounds, to hang around his new home. Oh, and while on our little adventure around LA and ELA we managed to stop traffic, literally. No, not because we were dressed cutesie :)  I actually was trying to be all dare-devilish and get a shot of D.T.L.A from the middle of the former Brooklyn Bridge. So, Nancy slammed her brakes, put on the hazards and I held my breath as I ran against traffic. Okay, I'm no dare-devil. There weren't any cars driving down the bridge while I was taking the shot. Weren't you scared for a sec?

 So cheers to you JJ. Happy Birthday and hope you enjoy your walk down memory lane.