Monday, March 28, 2011

You, Me and Baby makes THREE

Survival of the fittest is now what I imagine whenever I think of a mother. My Nana's nostalgic words strike again as she couldn't have put motherhood any better, "Mothers are martyrs." Yes, now as I AM  a mother those words couldn't be any more true because being a mother is giving every bit of yourself for another being. This February I was blessed to deliver, my first child, a healthy and handsome baby boy. And to think,  I thought five months of morning sickness was brutal. Well, let's just say these first four weeks of my son's life have been both a mental and physical uphill marathon. I won't deny the joy that his quirky faces and sleepy milk smiles have brought me. But boy oh boy learning how to be a mother is a complete full-time event. I'm not one to sugar coat situations so here it goes, from my personal to everyday duties, here are the facts.

After twenty hours of labor but only a good half an hour of pushing I naturally delivered my sweet son. Unfortunately, the labor and delivery were probably the easiest part of the beginning of this motherhood adventure. The first few days I was home my body was in shambles. I could barely walk and I was so sore down there I was using the Boppy as a type of hemorrhoid pillow instead of baby accessory. I know it was that bad. Then there was bloody Friday. My paranoid self thought I was hemorrhaging so I went to the ER. Turns out my cervix wasn't contracting the right way but all I needed was some pill poppin' action. Throughout all of this chaos I was trying to learn how to boobie feed. Yes, my 'lil guy wanted milk and he wanted it  fast. He was sucking so vigorously I thought I was going to run out of this liquid gold. All I can say is I was sore for the first two weeks of his sucking life. Finally, I made it through the rain, both literally and figuratively. Because four weeks and five days later I feel a little back to normal. I've still had some occasional postpartum anxiety meltdowns from sleepless nights, fear of SIDS and plain 'ole cabin fever but things are s-l-o-w-l-y getting better. Now whenever I think of my past life, before my beautiful Bebe, I resist to complain because nothing could be sweeter than looking at his face and these tootsies.