Sunday, January 30, 2011

Shower of Blessings

Dear little baby G's shower was held on the most beautiful day. On Saturday, January 15, 2011 the sun was shinning, friends were smiling and excitement was radiating underneath the tule shaded canopy. What can I say besides, I was blessed to have a perfect baby shower. Honestly, I was terrified that the recent rainy days were going to strike again and we would all end up in our winter boots covered with mud. Surprisingly, the day was gorgeous and actually a bit hot. I believe it was a gift from my sweet little Nana looking down on us and letting her love shine through for her great-grand son. The great grand son she knew and already loved at only three and half months but would never get to hold. So, thank you Nana, for your warmth that surrounded our family, friends and our baby boy that will be named after you.

Since my Nana was such a special woman and had an enormous part in raising me, this baby shower was truly dedicated to her. From the 1900's antique transportation theme to the photos of her holding me when I was a baby. Our colors were after my recent discovery that I love to love turquoise-all shades. Now, I'm a pink girl all the way but for some reason, maybe it's because I'm gonna have a boy, I just can't get enough of this jeweled color. It's a color that makes me want to reach out and touch it...then buy it…whatever it may be. From a luxurious throw, to a crisp new notepad for work, turquoise literally fills up three-fourths of my home's decor. And so for the baby shower we worked in the turquoise with black and white accents to create a boyish yet bit of 1940's glam. Here are the results…

B is for Boy! Yes, you are knockin' at the right house. Below are the silhouettes of myself, our first baby girls and Mr. G (another antique touch).

Antique transportation vehicles filled the rooms. My sister found this garden bike which we painted black, giving it just the right feel for our vintage theme. The packages were the gifts for the games.

I was also inspired by Disney's Lady and the Tramp movie. So, like the movie, the men were separated from the women and given cigars-chocolate cigars that is…they were placed in these vintage cigar boxes. The silhouettes below were our name badges and the "B-A-B-Y" sign was hung outside where guests signed a little note of love or advice for the parents to be:)

Our favors were lots and gobs of turquoise colored sweets for everyone to enjoy. 

Outside the guests were surrounded by hues of blue, white and simple winter centerpieces. One of my favorite details were the flying vintage airplanes. Mr. G and I were just speechless and filled with love because we have such sweet as sugar friends and family. 

The old fashion appies, made with love from my mommy, included scones, cucumber sandwiches and donuts. The picture perfect cake was created by my talented friend Nancy. 

 The grand finale was of course my "fauxto" booth. This time I wanted to mimic an antique silhouette frame. So- ta da! 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Week 33-36

Technically this week I am supposed to hold a honeydew but I think the squash from weeks 29-32 looks bigger. I switched it around a bit:) Here I am at 33 weeks-eekk, it's getting closer.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Simply Positive for 2011

Good ridden 2010. You have caused me pain, heartache, stress and an overabundant amount of tears. You have created a bah, humbug 2010 monster within me. I am really not usually a pessimist but this year has been the most difficult year, for not only myself but my family as well. And I am not going to blog about trying to find the good in 2010 because that was too difficult.  There was only one good that came out of this year, our pregnancy. Other than that I would like to say an official goodbye to:

teacher pink slips
those that dwell on the past
morning sickness
crazy family members
my Nana's struggle in her last breaths of life and her death

So, goodbye to you and Hello to happier days in 2011. I want to make this new year simply positive! In every event, thought, reaction and relationship I want to simply start with positiveness. Through this positiveness I will say hello to:

feeling secure 
having more faith
better thoughts
creative ideas
honest family relationships
sincere friendships
our son