Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Changes and Camera Bags

I guess you can say I've been really thinking about taking this photography hobby a bit more seriously. Unfortunately, it takes a lot longer then it seems to create an idea of a brand that represents you, or I should say ME. Mr. G has been going over design logos, webpage templates and etc. for the past couple of weeks. But as I do my research and look around at other photo blogs, craft blogs and just blogs in general I keep changing my mind. I told Mr. G I wanted something cute, that represents my girly side, but then I said scratch that I need something modern and sophisticated. Then again I tell him no I like girly because that fits me and what I want to do with with some frills because I'm not trying to make this a career. This will still be my hobby with a more professional look. So, if you see a new homepage template every other week or so its just my way of previewing what looks best. Please be patient:)

Now along with these changes a girl has to get a new wardrobe to match the new look. I've been browsing around on etsy, amazon and the web to find a cute yet sophisticated and durable DSLR camera bag. Here is what I've found!

Janine King Designs has a ton of fabric choices and colors for her $69.99 bags
Jessica Claire offers a similar bag called the "Shootsac" for $179.00 in black
The baroque cover is an extra $49.00

What would your choice be? Hmmm....because it's my HOBBY I'm totally going with the Janine King camera bag. 

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pillow Tutorial

 I decided that I really needed to start documenting my favorite sewing projects. This is probably going to sound really silly but here it sewing confession. Every time I want to make a new removable pillow case cover I have to go back to Sparkle Power's tutorial . I figure I don't have to write it down because I have this page bookmarked. But then I thought, what if she deletes her blog? Then what would I do? So here I am, creating my own tutorial. These are a few pictures of my newest pillow case covers for my outdoor patio furniture.

Step 1: Find a pillow or pillow form. I used a 14X14 pillow form from Michael's. It was on sale for $4.99...but if you really want to go cheap you can find pillows at thrift stores for as low as $2. I know using someone else's pillow sounds yucky but not if you are gonna use it for outside patio pillow decor-like I did! 

Step 2: You will need 3 pieces of cut material. Cut your first piece of fabric, the front of the pillow, to the exact width and length of the pillow. Here I cut 14X14. Then for your next 2 pieces, the back, you are going to want to cut a length of 14 (same as the first length) but 4 inches shorter for the width. So for this project you would cut 10 for the width. These 2 pieces should be cut as 14X10. This goes for any pillow width, on the back two pieces, always 4 inches shorter!

Step 3: Make about a 1/4 inch fold (lengthwise) on back two pieces. Iron it and then fold it over again and iron it so it becomes a pleat. These pieces will be where you insert the pillow form. 

Step 4: Repeat step 3 for the second back piece of material. Then sew the pleats down.

Step 5: Pin and sew the back two pieces over the front. Make sure you place the fabric right side up onto each other so you are viewing the wrong sides on the front and back. 

Step 6: Sew around the entire pillow. I used a regular sewing machine to sew the pleats but an overlock sewing machine to for the entire pillow. The overlock machine gives the pillow case extra durability but if you don't have one a regular sewing machine will work just as well. 

Step 7: You are all finished. Just turn the cover inside out and stuff the pillow through the case! Happy Sewing:)

Here are some of my 4th of July patio furniture pillows!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hip, hip hurray!

Congratulations to my hubby and the l-o-v-e of my life, Mr. G! I am so proud of him completing his M.A. in Education. To honor this momentous occasion I thought it would be fun to have a "school" theme graduation party. Our loved ones joined us for food, treats and of course some shots in my fauxto booth!

I love making "fauxto booths!" For this one I decided to have everyone sign their name and add a little comment congratulating Mr. G:)  Here is Mr. G's dad...doesn't he look like he is tagging? LOL
The family.
Us being silly.
The Graduate!