Sunday, January 31, 2010

DIY: Fireplace make over

I like, no love, no I'm obsessed with HGTV and DIY. Especially now that Mr. G and I have a dvr I totally record all my fav HGTV shows and one of my ultimate DIY favs, Sweat Equity. Home improvement is never ending. Although its hard work and takes a lot of savin' up to do I can't complain because who doesn't love making their house prettier. Here is our very first DIY blog. Project fireplace make-over. Tune-in soon to see the After:)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Alluring Alana

Have I mentioned I love my new camera? Well, I do. So, I've been taking pictures here and there and of everyone in between. But its extra fun when I get to snap shots with a purpose, like my sister's 15th birthday. The time has come again. Except these snaps are of non-relative photos. Don't get me wrong I love my fambam but this is exciting. I actually took some photos for one of my dearest friend's little sister, Alana. I think she got inspired by my sister pictures taken by the amazing Ala , because later she asked if I would like to take some photos for her mom's up-coming birthday. I was not only thrilled to get some practice in but flattered that she would trust my novice photography ability. Without further adieu the beautiful, charming and playful Alana.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

To Twitter or Not to Twitter?

...that is the question

Three of my sisters twitter and now they are insisting that I do it too becuase of course if you don't twitter your not "cool." Maybe I'm not ready for cool. Maybe I like keeping my private life private and I'm scared of getting stalked. Hopefully those things won't or don't happen to people that twitter but I'm still a scared baby. So for several days I've been contemplating twittering. I feel that if I start twittering it will become an obsession of mine. Maybe, maybe not. I do obsess but its more of a short term obsession. What I don't do is commit. In some ways that can be bad. Like, I can't commit to a long-term craft hobby. I can't commit to a written journal. Things like that. I think, if I do decided to twitter, I would need to twitter for a purpose, like if I had a small business or I was famous. Who would want to follow me anyways?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

I Love you

like a fat kid loves cake (50 cent-21 Questions)

I love Hello Kitty. For my sister's 15th birthday I made Hello Kitty cake pops. I hope I did Bakerella justice! They were super easy to make and everyone loved them:)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Read more, learn more, change the globe

(Nas-I Can)

I heart reading children's books. Not only because I'm a teacher but because many great children's authors, I'm convinced, really write for grown-ups. When your a child and you pick up a picture book it takes you to an imaginary world. But as an adult reading pictures books is a whole other experience. These books teach life lessons. Of course the overall meaning is for the child to understand but when an adult, like myself, reads these books I become enlightened. Honestly. I believe child authors are speaking to adults, to their fears, triumphs, battles and heart. So, I decided now when I find a great book I will share it and hopefully remember it always.

Here is an awesome book that I read today.
Life's lesson- The grass is always greener on the other side. But always stay true to yourself because sometimes what may seem fabulous for the moment is only a short-lived glory.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Seeing them in my dark cupboard

with my great big cake (Altered Images-Happy Birthday)

"You can't take her to the market with you. They'll think she's your daughter."
The thought, "As if," from my fav. movie, Clueless, came to my mind. Many moons ago I was fifteen and my third youngest sister was a baby, literally. My sister, Mimi and I are 13 years apart. So, I clearly remember my parents always telling me that I could not take her with me to the market, park, mall or on a walk cause people would stare and think I was a teenage parent. Very ironic since they, themselves, were teenage parents. So here we are 15 years later. My little sisto is growing up. No longer do my parents deny my interaction with her but rather the very opposite. I don't mind.

Now, my parent's always ask me to take her here, let her sleep over and come to her thing over there. Last week my mom asked me if my Mimi could celebrate her 15th birthday at our house. Of course I was going to say yes. Then she dropped the bomb. There are going to be 10 hormonal girls, they are gonna have a girly dinner party, they want a jumper and oh, they all want to sleep over. I said...okay. Mr. G says I'm a sucker. How could I say no? So, of course I'm gonna have to help my mom do it up! I found this amazing baking website. Look our fav.-Hello Kitty! I'm gonna try to make these for all her little friends. Happy Birthday Mimi. I love you!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

200 cigarettes

My winter coats flashback inspiration.

Christina Ricci was a true fashionista here!
Here is my version of the faux fab coats.


I must admit that I am a recovering shopaholic. My case is mild, now, because I'm grown and have bills but I do like to induldge once in a while. It used to be much worse before. My speciality-shoes! I adore them. Brand name, department, overpriced, sale, clearance, whatever. You name it I wanted them. Not just one, but one in every color. I'm no millionaire. But in college, when everyone spends their dough on food, books you know the necessities. I bought shoes and in 2002 I owned 43 pairs of sandals. Problem. I love them. I guess because their less expensive and well I live in Cali so I could wear sadalias all year long. Unfortunately, my obsession has spawned off to my younger, four younger, siblings.

Today, I just got a glimpse of the monster I have created. My second youngest sister and I went to O.T. Pasadena and she went to town. Zara, Forever and AA were her favs.

PBP wing

We love Hello Kitty

Sunday, January 3, 2010

But life is just a party

and parties were meant to last ("1999" Prince)

Tonight we did party. A decade later like it was 1999.  Mr. G and I rang in the new year with a few close friends and tons of food. We had sweets galore, empanadas for days and all you could drink. Well, for that night at least. I love dressing up so this was one fashion show I wasn't going to miss. Sparkles, a faux fur coat and chunk-d-fied heels is what I was fashioning for the count down.

Here are some memories  I don't want to forget, and am very thankful for, from the past decade:

2000- student at UCI
2001- met Mr. G in Econ
2002- pledged Pi Phi
2003- became Mr. G's official numero uno
2004- first year out of college
2005- master's student at USC
2006- became USC alumni
2007- got engaged to Mr. G
2008- married the man of my dreams-Mr. G
2009- first year in our house

I do hope that God blesses Mr. G and I for the next decades that we share together.