Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Vanessa is one of my four sisters. She falls right below me in our sisto rat pack. Her fun-witted and outrageously blunt spirit combined with her flawless beauty would attract any fella. This fella's name is Omir. Omir loves to love Vanessa. That basically explains him in a nutshell:) Here they are having some fun.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

I don't want a lot for Christmas

there is just one thing I need ( "All I want for Christmas Is You" Mariah Carey)

I wanted time with Mr. G and a few simple gifts.

Christmas morning began around 7:20 a.m. Usually at the FamBam family household it would start as early as 5:30, cause Santa's presents would be waiting for us five girls in the same place as all the previous years. They are always strategically placed in front of the Christmas tree from oldest to youngest. Not at Mr & Mrs. G's house. We woke up, snuggled a bit, then gave one another Christmas kisses. Slowly, with crusty eyes and all, we headed to the living room to wake up the Schmookies. You know how some people like to save the wrapping paper and carefully peel the tape off of the colorful Christmas graphic designs. Well, not me! I rip it baby, 'till the paper is left in shreds and my hands are still a little tingly. So, as I ripped Mr. G peeled-boo boring:( and the Schmookies came out to sniff, nibble and lick their gifts from Santa (6 plush baby animals, Christmas collars, and oversized bones).

After Mr. G and I exchanged gifts we started on breakfast for the FamBam family. Yumm, chorizo and egg burritos with cheese, cinnamon rolls and my mommy brought tamales to munch on later. I don't care how unhealthy, unorganic, unvegetarian and uncivilized chorizo is; it's amazing and I love it!

The FamBam came and we ripped away 'cause like I said our FamBam family rips. My sistos and I gave each other fabulous jewelry, make-up and dazzling accessories. Not to mention the breathtaking blown-up and framed family photo, for my mommy, from The Modern Type Family session.

Christmas ended at my grandparents house with a the little cuzos, aunts, uncles and the buisness of extra girlfriends:/. My sistos and I decided to skip away from the typically g-ma and g-pa Christmas routine. So, we took a little walk down to the nearby middle school for our own ameture sisto photo sessions. It was minus the youngest sisto. She's younger and still likes to be joined at the hip with our mom.

After a jolly Christmas at the grandparent's we gathered our holiday cheers and said our farewells to the fambam and five minutes later found ourselves tucked in with the schmookies.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Evie

Today is officially Christmas Evie...well that's what my mom has called it since I was little. Today Mr. G and I made buttery deliciousness cookies.  The morning started off with an assembly line. We had to makes these Christmas cookies speedy quick for the FamBam. Then we decided to take the schmookies on a walk, and boy did they need one. Honestly, they eat way to much since we've been on vaca-oops:) It was almost eleven when the worst of worst thing you think could happen, did. You guessed it. We ran out of wrapping paper. I know, right? We are totally p.s. So, I had to run my bootay over to Rite Aid. Surprisingly there wasn't a mad crowd of people, which led me to pass by one of my fav stores -TJMaxx. Shh...don't tell Mr. G, but hello a girl just has to check if they got a new shipment, since like yesterday.  As luck would have it I just happened to come across the cutest little black studded booties that would go perfectly with my Christmas Eve and Christmas outfit, score!- After my spree, I got home to finish wrapping the cookies, in the fabulous Martha Stewart Christmas packaging, and viola off to my mommy's house.

Mommy dearest's was fun. Mr. G and I ate about 15 tamales combined. There goes the cardio from this morning. Hung out with the cuzos and then headed for Mass. After mass we opened our traditional mom presents, which are always the most fashionable and matching pajamas, for yes all 5 sistos. My cutie pie mom gave us all onesies and tinker bell like ballet red slippers.

Take a look:) at my warm knitted cream top and shoes aka my Christmas Evie outfit

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Metro...first ride with the FamBam

Today my mom, sisters and Mr. G decided to visit the familiar Olvera Street, via Metro. The East L.A. Gold Line opened their doors this Fall 2009. Mr. G and I love to take new little adventures so we thought we'd try our first go at the Gold Line with the FamBam. I brought my newB camera along for the joy ride to get some extra practice:) However, I was not the only one behind the lens, so was Mr. G and my sisto. We exited the Union Station stop and walked across the way to our first site, we came across the Lady of Guadalupe art museum. Our lady looked so beautiful in all the colors, curved lines and interpretations. The next few stops were to the underground stores to ooh and aah at the shiny and oh so pretty glass, tin and paper Mexican ornaments. We ended our little adventure eating but of course gobs of Mexican candy and crispy taquitos...mmm the green chile still makes my mouth water.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Phood, Phriends and Photography:)

Every Christmas we share memories, food and gifts with our various groups of friends. This year we spent some time with our favorite married couples, the Sandoval's and Villigran's. The Sandoval's hosted a sweet dinner for the six amigos. We ate awesome baked ham, Eddie's famous artichoke dip and some yummy Marie Calendar pies. Then we oohed and awed over The Sandoval's first photos of their future dumpling, Jonah Mateo. The friend fest ended with a hilarious Brad Pitt film, Inglourious Bastards. These are the kinds of friends one cherishes for a lifetime.

Here are a few of my favs...

It's Christmas Time Again...and all things creative

The Christmas season, for me, always starts the day after Thanksgiving because that is officially when Coast radio station starts playing their holiday songs. Yes, I know that is very mushy-gushy of me to listen to Christmas songs all month long but it keeps my spirits up, even when I am standing in those long and slow moving lines. This holiday season started off with the annual Black Friday shopping at the usual big department stores. Target, being one of them and my fav of course. Mr. G and I actually got close to all of our shopping done this Black Friday. We also were very fortunate to take home a few goodies of our own.

One of those goodies is a entry-level skill professional camera. I think, since high school, I have always admired photography. Yup, it started when my then best friend, Alexis asked me to pose for her high school elective photography class. As her bestest friend I quickly jumped to the opportunity and to my surprise instead of being the subject I became the designer. I posed myself in what I thought nifty ideas like, sitting on the lawn in my old formal dress with my hair in a frizzled mess, wearing a mod black and white dress while holding a huge ball to contrast dimensions and other Seventeen-like poses. Unfortunately, I did not have the funds to afford one of those manual cameras and all the neat equipment and supplies that was needed to take a photography class at RCHS. So, my feelings soon nestled themselves right back into the little place in my heart. It wasn't until college that my love for photography, as well as for all things creative, started to peak its little head back into my reality. My roommate's father had an amazing eye for small moments. Moments that could only be captured threw a professional photographic lens of course. Her father loved to photograph his family and the USC cheerleaders at the Rose Parade. Like a kid in a candy shop every time I knew I was going to her house my mind immediately went into a little tizzy. I knew that I would see some great homemade art and maybe catch a sneak peak of her dad's art studio. Sure enough with each visit my creative side of the brain went wild. Sadly, after loosing touch with my former roommate I was unable to see those gorgeous prints but only hope that one day I would be able to own a device that would allow me to let my creative energy spill. Now my last and most recent encounters with this artistic media came from my own wedding and family photographers. I saw how they were both creative individuals that let their talents shine through photography and I again was hypnotized by the thought of being just as creative.

I now know that I am not only a single dimensional being but one that love all aspects of art in a multitude of medias: sewing, paper crafts and now photography. I don't think any of these will be a new profession of mine but I do hope to make them my hobbies:)

So now I will defiantly be posting many things creative!!!