Thursday, February 17, 2011

Galindo Bros and Sweet Sister

So have you ever had someone, lets say your husband, want to copy you all the time? Well, I have! And yes it's my husband…lol Actually we are so competitive we love stealing ideas from one another and making them better. I know, right?. Except this is a healthy copycat relationship. We DO confess that we stole the idea from the other, so no biggie. I know, kinda strange especially when some of the things we like to do involve crafting, baking and photography. I don't mind though. Like my mommy always told me, "Copying is a form of flattery." But I swear if Mr. G knew how to sew he would try to beat me at every creative idea I possess. That little rascal! 

So this brings me to photography. Last year my sisters and I had a gorgeous family photo shoot with the adorable and talented Ala from loveala. She produced some very special memories for us and my mother. But of course, this year, my husband wanted to do the same for his dad…See what I mean:) Except, I volunteered to take the photos for them. I love photography but seriously it ain't easy peezy! Hail to all professional photographers because it is definitely harder than it looks. After capturing the photos, editing and printing them out I realized that I need to practice litterally every day, to come even a smidge close to the pros. I think the creative aspect of photography comes a lot easier to me than pushing all the bells and whistles on the camera. So please don't judge my work as legit but instead look at it, for now, as a "Monet" in progress! (Like in Clueless where Cher says, "You see, it's like the painting. Seen from far away, it's okay; but up close, it's a big ol' mess.") LOL!

Below is my husband and the in-laws-enjoy:) These are a few of my favorites!

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