Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Stuff I heart in May

May has been one whirlwind of a month. I am so busy I just started to obsess over my favorite things for this month. So here are the winners. :)

Double ring: My two younger sisters have over 20 of these accessories combined. I think they have the
                     real obsession. Right now I'm only fashioning about 3, of course not all at one time that's
                     just plain silly.

Martha Stewart Living mag: It was weird, I looked into my mailbox the other day and lucky me I was
                                             the proud owner of two MSL mags for the month of May. I think they just
                                             forgot to send May's issue but both the May and June issues have super
                                             crafty ideas for graduations and summer livin'! Check it out!

Nude heels: Nude is the new black for summer. I am lovin' the nude look on any pretty pedicured foot. If
                    you think about it, nude matches with any color attire, especially a silky jumper.

Tissue paper: Love, love it, love it. I have been using tissue paper for years to create things like paper
                      balls, wrapping paper and now garland. I got this great idea from MSL's June issue. Can't
                      wait to recreate her fab grad garland for Mr. G's party.

Mark Romanek: Mark was the director for Jay Z's "99 Problems" video and is also a renowned film
                           director. His point of view, lighting and powerful portraits should be any
                           photographer's inspiration. I know I am hooked.

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