Thursday, June 10, 2010

Carlos and Elvira

I have been planning for this wedding for a couple of months now. Not as the bride or a bridesmaid but as an anxious friend. And of course I had to prepare accordingly. My bestie and I started with the dress. Check. Then came the shoes. Check. Finally our MAC appointment, triple check. We love dressing up, planning to have fun and then executing it like the all girl school and sorority girls we are. I was also excited to see this Bride's eye for detail. Their engagement party was sweet and bridal party was fab so I just knew this weeding was going to be a razzle dazzle!
Us in church....shhh we are trying to take a picture, I mean pray.:)

This was a great idea...and I love the color scheme. 

Okay are you ready for some mouth watering eye candy...literally, get ready for some major sugar

Details, details it's all in the details.

Cheers to the new Bride & Groom!

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vhp said...

I love the pictures from this wedding. Can you give more detail as far as which church it was held at and where it is located? Also if you could give the same information about the reception hall. Was there a wedding planner involved or did you do the planning along with your friend? The details are amazing and the seating markers and candy are all very beautiful.