Sunday, December 27, 2009

I don't want a lot for Christmas

there is just one thing I need ( "All I want for Christmas Is You" Mariah Carey)

I wanted time with Mr. G and a few simple gifts.

Christmas morning began around 7:20 a.m. Usually at the FamBam family household it would start as early as 5:30, cause Santa's presents would be waiting for us five girls in the same place as all the previous years. They are always strategically placed in front of the Christmas tree from oldest to youngest. Not at Mr & Mrs. G's house. We woke up, snuggled a bit, then gave one another Christmas kisses. Slowly, with crusty eyes and all, we headed to the living room to wake up the Schmookies. You know how some people like to save the wrapping paper and carefully peel the tape off of the colorful Christmas graphic designs. Well, not me! I rip it baby, 'till the paper is left in shreds and my hands are still a little tingly. So, as I ripped Mr. G peeled-boo boring:( and the Schmookies came out to sniff, nibble and lick their gifts from Santa (6 plush baby animals, Christmas collars, and oversized bones).

After Mr. G and I exchanged gifts we started on breakfast for the FamBam family. Yumm, chorizo and egg burritos with cheese, cinnamon rolls and my mommy brought tamales to munch on later. I don't care how unhealthy, unorganic, unvegetarian and uncivilized chorizo is; it's amazing and I love it!

The FamBam came and we ripped away 'cause like I said our FamBam family rips. My sistos and I gave each other fabulous jewelry, make-up and dazzling accessories. Not to mention the breathtaking blown-up and framed family photo, for my mommy, from The Modern Type Family session.

Christmas ended at my grandparents house with a the little cuzos, aunts, uncles and the buisness of extra girlfriends:/. My sistos and I decided to skip away from the typically g-ma and g-pa Christmas routine. So, we took a little walk down to the nearby middle school for our own ameture sisto photo sessions. It was minus the youngest sisto. She's younger and still likes to be joined at the hip with our mom.

After a jolly Christmas at the grandparent's we gathered our holiday cheers and said our farewells to the fambam and five minutes later found ourselves tucked in with the schmookies.

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