Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Evie

Today is officially Christmas Evie...well that's what my mom has called it since I was little. Today Mr. G and I made buttery deliciousness cookies.  The morning started off with an assembly line. We had to makes these Christmas cookies speedy quick for the FamBam. Then we decided to take the schmookies on a walk, and boy did they need one. Honestly, they eat way to much since we've been on vaca-oops:) It was almost eleven when the worst of worst thing you think could happen, did. You guessed it. We ran out of wrapping paper. I know, right? We are totally p.s. So, I had to run my bootay over to Rite Aid. Surprisingly there wasn't a mad crowd of people, which led me to pass by one of my fav stores -TJMaxx. Shh...don't tell Mr. G, but hello a girl just has to check if they got a new shipment, since like yesterday.  As luck would have it I just happened to come across the cutest little black studded booties that would go perfectly with my Christmas Eve and Christmas outfit, score!- After my spree, I got home to finish wrapping the cookies, in the fabulous Martha Stewart Christmas packaging, and viola off to my mommy's house.

Mommy dearest's was fun. Mr. G and I ate about 15 tamales combined. There goes the cardio from this morning. Hung out with the cuzos and then headed for Mass. After mass we opened our traditional mom presents, which are always the most fashionable and matching pajamas, for yes all 5 sistos. My cutie pie mom gave us all onesies and tinker bell like ballet red slippers.

Take a look:) at my warm knitted cream top and shoes aka my Christmas Evie outfit

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