Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The City I live(d) in...

...the city of Angeles (Red Hot Chili Pepper)

     Fourth and LaVerne is where I used to reside. Yes, yesterday I drove back to my childhood neighborhood. Not to visit my Nana, because she still lives in East Los, but to hopefully help a friend relive his childhood memories. What a small world. Who would have thought that my co-worker turned fabulous girlfriend and her boyfriend would have grown up practically down the street from me. We attended different high schools but seriously walked around the same corners. This fab friend of mine thought of a unique and sentimental birthday gift for her boyfriend. So I helped with the snapshots that she will use to create a collection of framed photos, from his childhood stomping grounds, to hang around his new home. Oh, and while on our little adventure around LA and ELA we managed to stop traffic, literally. No, not because we were dressed cutesie :)  I actually was trying to be all dare-devilish and get a shot of D.T.L.A from the middle of the former Brooklyn Bridge. So, Nancy slammed her brakes, put on the hazards and I held my breath as I ran against traffic. Okay, I'm no dare-devil. There weren't any cars driving down the bridge while I was taking the shot. Weren't you scared for a sec?

 So cheers to you JJ. Happy Birthday and hope you enjoy your walk down memory lane.

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