Thursday, February 25, 2010

Forever my Love for 21

Seriously I haven't been shopping, in what feels like decades, for weeks. Actually, I am thinking maybe its been even months since I haven't spent a dime on FASHION. Boo to me. What could be a logical, insane, understandable reason for not opening my pretty pocket? Well, Mr. G and I are trying to save our nickels an dimes for some home upgrades. So here I am pretending to be thrifty. Yesterday I cheated. Ha ha ha...not really though because I used a gift card. So there! I am still on my budget Mr. G. I headed straight for my fav store, Forever 21 of course. Yes, I love it. I know, I am an adult and should be shopping at these brand-name and high-designer boutiques. But I don't. I simply don't care for them. People say your only young once, right? Well I say your young as long as you feel young. Ya, I'm not 21 anymore but I feel, hopefully look and act like I'm in my early twenties. So forever is the place for me to shop. Their trends are bold. Fabric is cheap but hey so are the prices and that's what reels me in for the kill. Plus trends come and go and I am not about to drop a bill on a cardi- I'm no balla'. I just love dressing up in girly frills and downtown heels. Spring is my shopping season. Look what's in store...

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