Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I'm Just A Girl

in the world (No Doubt)

Just like any other girl, I love celebrating my birthday. However, this birthday will be a different story. This will officially be the last year I can enjoy being "in my twenties" (tear). I have been debating whether or not to celebrate. What's a girl to do?  Then it hit me smack in the face. I would celebrate an unbirthday. A very merry unbirthday to me. This would be too cute. Okay, all of a sudden I got excited again about my birthday. What a fantabulous idea, especially since the movie, Alice in Wonderland, will be out this March. Now I'm on a mission to create the best unbirthday ever. Here are a few photo inspirations (thanks Nancy).

The outfit inspiration. I love Gwen!

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