Monday, November 8, 2010

Charm and Scott

...And they lived happily ever after. These were the words that seem to fit so perfectly at my friends', Charm and Scotty, wedding and I know will also be true for their marriage. This special occasion for these love birds was held on October 23, 2010 in Las Vegas Nevada. No, it wasn't anything remotely close to a shotgun wedding but just the opposite. They said their vows in a Catholic church, which was immediately followed by a very appetizing luncheon at Boarder Grill inside the Mandalay Bay Casino & Resort. Later in the evening, drinks and desserts overflowed in their luxury suite. My oh so creative friend Charm thought out every detail from the cutest flags (instead of rice) at the ceremony to making her own cake pops at the dessert bar. I not only loved being apart of their romantic getaway wedding but had too much fun snapping some shots. Here are a few of my favs!
The flags were in place of throwing rice...too cute. They had different embossed sayings and pictures like LOVE, Mr. & Mrs...etc.
These two love birds were seen everywhere....from the out-of-town bags to the modern 3 layer cake.

Scotty and Charm's cartoon picture was surrounded by candy galore.

 This has got to be my favorite detail of the whole wedding. They used an ornate birdcage to hold the wedding cards. The tree was meant for guests to place notes of love and advice.

The "adult" party favor.  :)

Doesn't this look a Chicago style pizza was the groom's cake-totally unique!
The dessert bags.
Happily ever after!

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