Monday, October 4, 2010

Back on the BLOG

So I have been M.I.A. for around 2 months now. But I'm back. I had to take a little leave from the FB and Blog world because I got pregnant!!! I'm still pregnant but not going to disappear again. While I was gone I had the most horrible morning sickness any woman could imagine. Luckily I was on summer break and only missed enjoying the care-free days of summer. I literally traded my swim suite for the pajamas that would get me to the toilet bowl fast enough.

Well, I am now 4 months and 3 weeks with very little if anymore morning sickness symptoms. I am ready to blog again. This time I know my blogging will be a little skewed toward all the soon-to-be mommies. I feel so blessed, excited and happy all in one so I'm ready to share my ideas, finds and fascinations with this baby bump.

Here are some special items my friends and family have given me for our new adventure in babyland. The first gift was given to me by my friend Svea. So sad that there isn't a picture of all the yummy treats she brought to my house while I was sick in bed but they (mint tea, ginger, baby talk magazine, pasta) were all put to good use!

This stuff is amazing! It makes my body feel quenched and happy. My friend Charm knew this would come in handy!
My sister, Vanessa spoiled ME a little.

Some of the cards Mr. G and I have been receiving since our announcement. Our friends are the sweetest!

Finally, the most special gift of all. I received this gold baby spoon from my Nana when I got married. She humbly put it in an envelope marked for Eve's baby. I have saved this for a little more than 2 years only waiting for the moment when I could actually use it. Now that she has recently passed it will be the most precious gift baby G will have. Although she is gone and am saddened that she will not be here to see the birth of her great grandchild I know I was blessed to have such a spiritual and loving Nana.


Patricia said...

I'm very excited for the two of you! Morning sickness is definitely horrible! I had it so bad with my little one as well. I'm glad you are feeling better now! Enjoy this time in your life, you guys are sure to make the cutest baby ever!! Congrats congrats congrats!! Xoxo

Eva Marie said...

Thanks so much Patty! I know morning sickness was a drag-blah!