Sunday, October 17, 2010

Halloween parts and pieces

Since 2003, Mr. G and I have dressed up for Halloween as famous couples...i.e. Willma and Fred Flintstone, a mermaid and Poseidon, a USC cheerleader and The Heisman Trophy,  male and female circus ringleaders...and the list can go on. I know, I know. They are ALL not famous couples but at least they match. As you can tell, I love dressing up for Halloween. I lu, lu, lu, love it! Not only do I love the oncoming of fall and the holiday season, but I love making my own costumes. Yes, I am very proud to say I really try to hand make our costumes every year. Sooo sad that this year is a different story. I have my very good friends' wedding this weekend, in Vegas! We are super excited for this momentous occasion in their lives! So, I won't have much time to sew up a storm. BUT! I am still not resorting to buying a costume. Plus my grandmother, an extremely talented seamstress, would just die knowing that I could have tried a little harder to put something more original together. That's exactly what I'm gonna try to do...put (not sew) something together. So, here are a few clues from our couple's costume...('s a hint: think of me being pregnant in the costume).

My yellow leotard is from American Apparel and the tights are from Forever 21. Mr. G's costume parts come from Forever 21 and I'm making the net. Guess what we are going to be yet? I didn't think so:) But I've excluded a lot of detail that I still need to piece together!

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