Thursday, October 7, 2010

Book Worms

I come from a family full of book worms. My mom is an avid reader, especially in the summer. My four younger sisters also love to get their hands on a good fiction piece. Mimi can enhale a 300 page fictional novel, specifically those about vampires, in about two hours. Even my cute little old Nana used to love to read a story or two about Mother Teresa and the many Popes we have had. As for myself, I am not so well read. In the summer I do try my best to conqure a hard covered tale, but my genre taste makes it hard to do becuase I have a weird little secret. My mom and sisters know this secret but I don't even think Mr. G knows it. I'm an expository freak, like my dad. Ahhhh! Weird, right? Well, I think so. I can't help but grab a self-help, historical or informational text. This makes the good pickin' books a little more challenging to find, since most of the best sellers are fictional or romantic.

On Tuesday, my luck changed when my co-worker came up to me. While rubbing my belly, she let me in on a fabulous book find. Yes, I actually was able to get excited about a book that I would enjoy reading. She said it helped her daughter and many of her friends get through the first few months after the baby was born. She recommended The Happiest Baby on the Block book. She told me it had the mother load of secrets. Now I'm excited to get my hands on it and finally feel like I'm part of the book worm family!

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