Saturday, January 30, 2010

Alluring Alana

Have I mentioned I love my new camera? Well, I do. So, I've been taking pictures here and there and of everyone in between. But its extra fun when I get to snap shots with a purpose, like my sister's 15th birthday. The time has come again. Except these snaps are of non-relative photos. Don't get me wrong I love my fambam but this is exciting. I actually took some photos for one of my dearest friend's little sister, Alana. I think she got inspired by my sister pictures taken by the amazing Ala , because later she asked if I would like to take some photos for her mom's up-coming birthday. I was not only thrilled to get some practice in but flattered that she would trust my novice photography ability. Without further adieu the beautiful, charming and playful Alana.


Charming Desserts said...

We should just fire our photographer and hire you ;-)

LOVE the blog! aaannnddd so proud of you for writing consistently!

Eva Marie said...

You are too cute! Thanks its your turn. Get started on your baking blog!!! :)