Wednesday, January 27, 2010

To Twitter or Not to Twitter?

...that is the question

Three of my sisters twitter and now they are insisting that I do it too becuase of course if you don't twitter your not "cool." Maybe I'm not ready for cool. Maybe I like keeping my private life private and I'm scared of getting stalked. Hopefully those things won't or don't happen to people that twitter but I'm still a scared baby. So for several days I've been contemplating twittering. I feel that if I start twittering it will become an obsession of mine. Maybe, maybe not. I do obsess but its more of a short term obsession. What I don't do is commit. In some ways that can be bad. Like, I can't commit to a long-term craft hobby. I can't commit to a written journal. Things like that. I think, if I do decided to twitter, I would need to twitter for a purpose, like if I had a small business or I was famous. Who would want to follow me anyways?

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