Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I must admit that I am a recovering shopaholic. My case is mild, now, because I'm grown and have bills but I do like to induldge once in a while. It used to be much worse before. My speciality-shoes! I adore them. Brand name, department, overpriced, sale, clearance, whatever. You name it I wanted them. Not just one, but one in every color. I'm no millionaire. But in college, when everyone spends their dough on food, books you know the necessities. I bought shoes and in 2002 I owned 43 pairs of sandals. Problem. I love them. I guess because their less expensive and well I live in Cali so I could wear sadalias all year long. Unfortunately, my obsession has spawned off to my younger, four younger, siblings.

Today, I just got a glimpse of the monster I have created. My second youngest sister and I went to O.T. Pasadena and she went to town. Zara, Forever and AA were her favs.

PBP wing

We love Hello Kitty

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