Sunday, January 3, 2010

But life is just a party

and parties were meant to last ("1999" Prince)

Tonight we did party. A decade later like it was 1999.  Mr. G and I rang in the new year with a few close friends and tons of food. We had sweets galore, empanadas for days and all you could drink. Well, for that night at least. I love dressing up so this was one fashion show I wasn't going to miss. Sparkles, a faux fur coat and chunk-d-fied heels is what I was fashioning for the count down.

Here are some memories  I don't want to forget, and am very thankful for, from the past decade:

2000- student at UCI
2001- met Mr. G in Econ
2002- pledged Pi Phi
2003- became Mr. G's official numero uno
2004- first year out of college
2005- master's student at USC
2006- became USC alumni
2007- got engaged to Mr. G
2008- married the man of my dreams-Mr. G
2009- first year in our house

I do hope that God blesses Mr. G and I for the next decades that we share together.

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