Friday, January 15, 2010

Seeing them in my dark cupboard

with my great big cake (Altered Images-Happy Birthday)

"You can't take her to the market with you. They'll think she's your daughter."
The thought, "As if," from my fav. movie, Clueless, came to my mind. Many moons ago I was fifteen and my third youngest sister was a baby, literally. My sister, Mimi and I are 13 years apart. So, I clearly remember my parents always telling me that I could not take her with me to the market, park, mall or on a walk cause people would stare and think I was a teenage parent. Very ironic since they, themselves, were teenage parents. So here we are 15 years later. My little sisto is growing up. No longer do my parents deny my interaction with her but rather the very opposite. I don't mind.

Now, my parent's always ask me to take her here, let her sleep over and come to her thing over there. Last week my mom asked me if my Mimi could celebrate her 15th birthday at our house. Of course I was going to say yes. Then she dropped the bomb. There are going to be 10 hormonal girls, they are gonna have a girly dinner party, they want a jumper and oh, they all want to sleep over. I said...okay. Mr. G says I'm a sucker. How could I say no? So, of course I'm gonna have to help my mom do it up! I found this amazing baking website. Look our fav.-Hello Kitty! I'm gonna try to make these for all her little friends. Happy Birthday Mimi. I love you!

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