Thursday, December 9, 2010

Lucky number 7

Yay, 7 months down! How many more to go? Well, I am officially in my third trimester and feeling not too shabby. Today, I had my monthly doctor's appointment and one of the nurses said, "You sure are all baby." I guess those extra seventeen pounds that I have gained are all going to baby G's muscles! Now it's crunch time. No more messin' around! I need to get down to business!! We have finally finished the baby shower invites. Next, on the agenda is to finish painting, crafting and ordering all the the details for the baby shower decorations. Oh ya, and we need to finish painting the trim, order the interior shutters, pick out a rug and install a closet organization system for the nursery. Jeez Louise, I…I mean Mr. G (hehehe) has a ton of things on his plate. Well, here is how I look before all the madness begins.
(p.s. don't mind all the blurriness; I'm practicing and trying to figure out how to use my new wide angle lens)
Eggplant= 25 to 28 months

Me at 7 months!

The invitations!:)

Gotta show the envelope:)

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