Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Teachers are craft machines

Teachers are the most creative people I know. And I'm not just saying that because I'm a teacher, but because it's totally true. Each holiday, especially during Christmas, my colleagues amaze me. They come up with some crafty homemade gifts and treats to share. Let's see I've received delicious and colorful white chocolate bark, homemade personalized note cards, personalized magnets (which all teachers love for their white boards) and many more I can't remember. Last year I sewed together some felt gingerbread ornaments all dazzled up in Martha Stewart glitter. This year, I have tons to do so I just made some Snow Man Stew, curtsy of my sister Gens. So now it's my mission to share all of their fabulously crafty gifts with you so maybe you can replicate them. The first teachers to make it to my craft wall of fame are my friends;

La Monica= made the lovely hot pink scarf
Yadira, =made the decadent chocolate spoons
Stephanie=gave me a bag of Snowman poop
Inger  (picture not included, because I scarfed down her present)= made Pumpkin Cream Cake.

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