Wednesday, December 1, 2010

'Tis the Season to CRAFT...

Fa la la, la la, la la la la! I already feel overwhelmed just thinking about all the crafty decor and presents I want to make this Christmas. Here is my craft Christmas list:

changing the wall frame's scrap booking paper to match our new living room color- check
baby shower invites
glittering up our Christmas cards
cutting and sewing 25 felts stockings for my little rug rats
making an ornament or sweet treat for my co-workers
dazzling up my indoor holiday decor 
sewing some stocking stuffers for the family

...and I need to start and finish all of these projects before Mr. G and I go on Christmas break. HELP! Well as long as I continue to find inspiration by DVRing the Martha Stewart show, browsing through my old MS mags and always keeping up to date with my favorite blogs and a few new ones, I'll be alright. Here are some new crazy crafty blogs that I stubbled upon. Check out their creations! Fantabulous:)

These gorgeous glitter trees are from the eighteen25 blog. 

Here are similar glitter trees in a more traditional color by, I heart nap time.

Thank you to my bf Lisett, for introducing me to scrap booking our first year in college. Ever since then I can't find enough uses for this darn cute paper. I had these frames up in our kitchen nook for the past couple of years. Then we needed a change in our living room. So Mr. G painted and I recycled these frames to fit our new gray/blue & black/white living area. This is the before picture and below is the after.

Here is the "after." I love it! So for all my fam and friends, yes this is our new living room color with black and white accents.

Here is the next project that I must complete by this weekend-baby shower invites. Of course I am using scrap booking paper, card stock, Paper Source envelopes, a rubber stamp from Etsy and some embossing materials. 

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