Friday, December 31, 2010

Smart Shopping

Here is some fun shopping advice for all the pregger or soon-to-be pregnant mommies, start shopping! After each holiday is actually the best time to go out and hunt. Hunt, like a warrior! My family and I have been on the look out, for simple but adorable items that will fit Baby G next year. All you have to do is figure out the size your baby might be, what style you would like them to wear and most importantly, you have to know the gender. I know this might sound like common sense but some people get so wrapped up in the holidays they forget about their future baby. And who wants to spend full price on the items you could have gotten in advanced, for less, this year?

My favorite hunting grounds:

Jack and Janie
Kohl's (they have really cute Carter's clothing)

Here are some of my finds for the top holidays next year. My last mission, Valentine's Day and Easter. Baby G will already be born by Easter so I'll just have to find some fantastic threads for the following year!

The classic jack-o-lantern onsie and reindeer booties were purchased at Nordstrom. I found the Baby's First Thanksgiving bib at Kohl's but I also so it for more at Macy's.

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Anonymous said...

I have been doing that since both my kiddos were small. Still do it now. It's nice to open up a box next year and be set for the season. Major money saver.