Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Ortiz Family

I haven't done a friend's family photo shoot since the summer. I'm so excited that I'm up and about taking photos again. I just love it! And although this is just a hobby, I love getting all this practice in! It is so much fun to hang out with family and friends, take snaps and make some memories.

Michelle is one of my long time elementary school friends. She is all grown up now with the most adorable family. Her, her hubby and two children are just plain cuteness. The kids were just ready to have a day of fun at the perfect-picture taking location, Heritage Park, in Santa Fe Springs. Here are some of my faves!

Looks like he is ready to play the day away!

She is all sunshine!

Okay this one is all personality, he was so funny!


Just hanging around and having a blast.

This reminds me of a Gap add, if I must say so myself:)

Big brother and 'lil sister

Michelle's hubby's VW is picture worthy for sure!

Just adorable!

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