Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pink & Green

This year I decided to wrap my Christmas gifts in two colors I love together, pink and green. Last year me, my husband and his family went to Utah for some snow boarding adventures. I'm not a big snow boarding fan so while they were hitting the slopes I decided to take advantage of the day after Christmas sales. I love me some Target so that's where I headed first. As I was searching through the isles my heart pounded with joy as I came across this adorable pink and green Hello Kitty, yes Hello Kitty, wrapping paper. I grabbed that sucker, along with many other treats, and called it a day! So, viola! My pink and green color scheme came to life with a few extra added details. My friend Svea, also gave me some wrapping pointers; she said tulle would be inexpensive and look great as a ribbon. It sure does! Now my new addiction-tulle!:)

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